Is your church the next target for an attack?

No one feels safe anymore.
Not even in your church

Most pastors and church leaders think it couldn’t happen to them, but consider the following:

  • Richard SalazarThere have been 14 fatal shootings at houses of worship since 2012.
  • On June 17, 2015, a domestic terrorist killed 9 people at the Charleston Church Massacre in South Carolina.
  • On December 23, 2016, the Department of Homeland Security issued their first ever warning of threats to churches during the Christmas and holiday season.
  • On September 24, 2017, a former congregation member of the Burnette Chapel Church in Antioch, Tennessee shot 7 people in the church, killing one.
  • On November 5, 2017, 26 people were killed in one of the most shocking mass shootings in US history at the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas.

Do you still think it couldn’t happen to your church?

Watch this brief 1-minute video, then I’ll share some exciting news.


Richard SalazarHi, I'm Pastor Richard M. Salazar, Jr., President and founder of Rich Communications, and I want to thank you for taking the time to read this message. I know you care deeply about the spiritual wellbeing of your members, but what about their personal and physical wellbeing?

Recently, we’ve seen an escalation in tragedies and disasters that have plagued our congregations. We’ve witnessed churches become victims of physical attacks and cyber hacking. We’ve watched as helpless pastors face a barrage of unwanted questions from prime-time news programs, because they never thought it could happen to them. They never realized their bank accounts could be wiped out in seconds. Or a church member’s improper conduct could put them on the front page of the national press. Or a stranger with a grievance and a gun could walk boldly through the door into the middle of a packed service.

No-one feels safe anymore. Not even in church.

What was once a sanctuary has become a target for all manner of horrors. And we will continue to see churches being ripped apart, even closing their doors, unless we take action NOW. As a fellow pastor, I urge you to ask yourself this question: ‘Am I being reckless with the lives that God has entrusted me to take care of? Could I do more to protect them from physical harm and other real threats?’ If the answer is yes, you are not alone. But there is something you can do.

You can join the thousands of other pastors and parishioners who are choosing to arm themselves with the knowledge they need to protect their churches from unwanted harm.

I would like to extend a personal invitation for you and your leadership team to enroll today in an online training program designed exclusively for pastors, church leaders and anyone who cares enough to take action to protect their church.”

Protect My Church Now Training Program

Keep Your Church Safe From Harmful Threats

Delivered via videos, with access to audio replays and transcripts, you can undertake the training at your own pace. Here’s why you and your team should enroll:

Session #1: Protecting the Pastor’s Heart

You will receive a special message that will absolutely change your life, and help you live at the level God wants you to live.

Attack 2Session #2: Violence Prevention and Protection

You will learn how to put together a team of people with no security experience – just church members and volunteers who care – and mobilize them to become aware of what to look for, the signs of danger; and how to respond when violence suddenly occurs. Your church will be better prepared to save lives.

Attack 3Session #3: Protection from Cyber Attack

You will learn how to protect the financial and personal data of your church and your congregation (data they trust you to keep safe) from hackers who could be monitoring your deposits now, waiting for the right moment to strike. And you will learn how to avoid financial and other cyber catastrophes that could wipe out your church.

Attack 4Session #4: Crisis Management

You will learn how to be ready for any trouble that may come your way. You will be prepared to manage the media, be a leader to your flock in a time of crisis, and keep your church from being torn apart by a disaster or public relations nightmare.


Enroll Now

How This Training Works

  • When you enroll in the Protect My Church Now Training Program you will be provided with a unique login username and password to access the training sessions.
  • The four sessions in the program are delivered via professionally produced online videos and easy to follow transcripts, so you will have access to them whenever and wherever you want, from the comfort of your own home or office, without the inconvenience or cost of having to travel to a training venue.
  • When you invest in this training program, you and anyone else you want from your church, will receive access to all the online resources until December 31, 2018, all at one fixed price for everyone. That's an amazing deal.

Session Presenters

Session #1: Richard M. Salazar, Jr.

Richard SalazarI am an author, public speaker, humanitarian and the founder of Rich Communications, LLC. I hold a degree in Marriage and Family Counseling from Liberty University, I’m a regular contributor to Ministry Today, and a member of the American Association of Christian Counselors.

I am also the developer of this training program which has been a year and a half in the making, and is unlike anything else on the market.

Session #2: Bill Worth

Bill WorthBill is the managing partner and lead instructor at Countermeasure Consulting Group. Countermeasure is one of the premiere training organizations in the United States preparing schools, businesses and churches on how to react in the event of an active shooter or terrorist event.

Bill and his co-authors created a one-of-a-kind training video for churches seeking to bolster their security, aptly named "Your Church: The Softest Target in America“. It is designed to bring an understanding of the Biblical concept of self-defense all the way through tailored training exercises for the on-site security team. Bill is the Security Director for his local church and has developed a security team to address the safety and well-being of the church members, children and pastoral staff.

Session #3: Arthur "Art" Dyson

Art DysonArt joined Xerox in 1984 and has held numerous positions of increasing responsibility. Currently, he is an Account Operations Manager for key accounts in the high-tech business unit. Prior to this he was an Information Manager conducting security audits with Xerox onsite associates at customer locations across the western part of the United States. He and his team are responsible for minimizing IT risk for both Xerox and its customers.

Arthur has an MBA Degree in Technology Management from the University of Phoenix. He completed his BS at the University of Phoenix with a degree in Information Systems. He is well placed to present Session #3 Protection from Cyber-attack.

Session #4: Howard Falkenberg

Howard FalkenbergHoward is a senior communications strategist, is president of Staats Falkenberg, a Texas-based communications company. Howard began his career as a broadcast journalist but has served as an advisor to corporations, institutions and governmental agencies for nearly 40 years.

He specializes in working with organizations who are engaged in complex public affairs and legal issues. His practice includes crisis communications planning and management for a variety of clients, including attorneys, physicians, boards of directors, and civil and criminal defendants. Howard will be presenting Session #4 Crisis Management.

Additional Bonus: Preserving the Pastor's Home Collection

Preserving the Pastors Home Collection"This (3 book) series deals with both sides in a sympathetic, yet straightforward manner. It is a much- needed resource."
  - Rick Warren

"It is my prayer that as you read the pages of these books, you will be inspired to yield yourself to the unique plan that God has just for you."
  - Franklin Graham

To receive this bonus, please enroll by 11:45 pm Eastern on January 18 2018


Enroll Now

Your Investment in Your Church’s Future Security

The normal cost to access these four powerful presentations, delivered by leading experts in their field of security, is $300.

However, if you enroll before January 18, 2018, I’ll give you a $100 discount!

Your total investment if you sign up before January 18th, 2018 is just $200!

Plus, you have the option of paying this enrollment cost in two monthly payments of $100 each, or four monthly payments of $50 each.

Here’s a Summary of Everything You Get

Enroll before January 18, 2018 and you will receive:

  • $100 off the normal price of $300. PAY ONLY $200 for the entire 4-session training in one, two or four installments.


  • Preserving the Pastor’s Home Collection of 3 books for FREE
  • Access to the online 4-Session Training Program
  • Full training resources including videos, audio replays, outlines, PowerPoints, transcripts, and more.
  • Access to the exclusive member site until December 31 2018 for you and any other members of your leadership team or church community you think should share in the training.
  • he ability to undertake the training when and wherever you want. No travel cost or inconvenience.


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Satisfaction GuaranteeWe know this training will give you vital insight into the days in which we are living, so I'm offering a 100% money back guarantee with this training program. So, if for any reason you are not delighted with this course within 30 days of when you sign up, we will either reconcile the problem or refund your entire investment.

You have nothing to lose and much to gain.

Your success is our success and vice versa!

Blessings to keep your church safe from harmful threats!

Richard M. Salazar, Jr.
Pastor, Author, Speaker, Humanitarian
Founder, Rich Communications, LLC


Protect My Church Now Training Program
Keep Your Church Safe From Harmful Threats

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